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To provide quality media with a Christian influence without compromising what the audiences are coming for: to be entertained. Plan X Media was founded in 2006 by Ash Green, Jackson Ferrell, David Ferrell,  Will Stogner, Kevin Heuning, Harry Cutter, and Brandon Dick. Plan X Media has a very broad vision, which is why we use […]

Get Involved

One of our main purposes here at Plan X Media is to network with other Christians in media and to get you networked with other Christians in media.  We have set up our forum for that specific purpose. Our forum is divided into region-specific areas so you can find other people in your area to […]

pXm Partners

What is a pXm partner? Plan X Partners are companies that release quality Christian-influenced media of any kind and realize that as Christians we have a different goal in mind: not our own advancement but the advancement of the Kingdom. These companies are individually owned and operated; they also help other Plan X Partners to produce […]


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