Who Are We?

Our Story

To provide quality media with a Christian influence without compromising what the audiences are coming for: to be entertained. Plan X Media was founded in 2006 by Ash Green, Jackson Ferrell, David Ferrell,  Will Stogner, Kevin Heuning, Harry Cutter, and Brandon Dick. Plan X Media has a very broad vision, which is why we use […]

Current Projects

There are currently no pXm projects in production. There are, however, a few projects in the early writing phase. If you are interested in joining, please contact us.

pXm Partners

What is a pXm partner? Plan X Partners are companies that release quality Christian-influenced media of any kind and realize that as Christians we have a different goal in mind: not our own advancement but the advancement of the Kingdom. These companies are individually owned and operated; they also help other Plan X Partners to produce […]

Contact Us

One of the best ways to connect is our Discord channel.